Our treatments


Relaxing massage enables full relaxation. It relieves stress and accumulated tension in the whole body. It stimulates the muscles, skin and circulatory system. At the same time it has a wonderful effect on the nervous system, eliminates the involuntary muscle tension, enables proper circulation and blood pressure and even helps against insomnia. This massage improves your mood and relaxes not only the body but also mind.

Relaxing massage – full body  55 min – 120 PLN
Relaxing massage – partial 30 min – 60 PLN
Face, neck, neckline and head massage  55 min – 120 PLN
Deep relaxation – head massage 30 min – 60 PLN
Foot and legs massage with elements of reflexology 45 min – 70 PLN


It shapes the figure, improves the elasticity of the skin AND speeds up the metabolism. The use of cupping therapy fight with cellulite.This lymphatic drainage brings very clear effects in a short time. It is a vacuum massage, firming and smoothing the skin. This massage perfectly relaxes and
calms the body. It is good for stressed and overworked people who spend a lot of time behind the desk and also after exhausting physical exertion.

Anti-cellulite firming massage – legs 50 min – 80 PLN
Massage “firm skin” with elements of cupping therpay -full body 55 min – 150 PLN
Healing lymphatic massage with elements of cupping massage – legs 45 min – 70 PLN

Restful massages

Classic massage full body / partial 55 min PLN 120/30 min PLN 60
Classic massage full body / partial 55 min 140 PLN / 30 min 70 PLN
Massage with aromatic oils (rose, lavender, eucalyptus) on the basis of olive oil full body / partial 55 min 140 PLN / 30min PLN 60
Honey massage full body / partial 55 min 150 PLN / 30 min 70 PLN

Full body peeling, you can choose from the following: – 80 PLN


Massage with warm, aromatic candle

Therapeutic massage, especially recommended to nivelate muscle pain and soft tissue overload syndromes. It is also an extraordinary combination of deep relaxation and body care with natural wax usage. Oil and beeswax in the candle leave silky film on your skin. This prevents from water loss and will deeply moisturize skin.

Full body massage 55 min – 140 PLN
Partial massage 30 min – 70 PLN

Massages for kids

Strawberry – back and legs massage with strawberry shea butter  30 min – 70 PLN
Chocolate – back and legs message with chocolate shea butter  30 min – 70 PLN


The rituals at Klif Spa will help you to reach deep and total relaxation. Each ritual includes: a body scrub, full body mask and deep relaxing massage.
The aim is to reduce tension and stress. We want to improve the quality of your skin and boost up body circulation. Afterwards you will feel relaxed and calm.

Chocolat ritual: 90 minutes 180 PLN

The massage is made with the usage of real cocoa butter. This perfectly nourishes and strengthens the skin and also minimizes the aging process. Chocolate also has confirmed slimming and anti-cellulite effects. Due to the richness of mineral and organic ingredients, chocolate makes the skin stimulated and ready for regeneration. As a great addition you will have
a delicate bronzing tone that gives the impression of a healthy and light suntan.
Sugar scrub with chocolate, chocolate mask, full body massage with essential oil.

Marine ritual: 90minutes 180 PLN

Salt from Bochnia with the addition of algae, will give you a refreshing note with the scent of the sea. Essential oil will make your skin glowing. Your body will feel a deep relaxation and calmness. Natural salt reduces the surface tension of the skin, which reduces muscle stiffness. Its composition is rich in minerals and organic algae, that will help to improve the quality of the skin and support metabolism process at the tissue level.
Salt peeling, mask made of sea salt and algae, massage with essential oil.


Made out of 100% natural, bio-coffee seeds. We add them as a basis for our treatment. They have a beneficial effect on your skin and on improving circulation. It firms and breaks down accumulated fat tissue, this will effectively eliminate cellulite. Peeling will prevent signs of aging and restore a healthy look to tired skin. Body scrub based on coffee will give you a deep relaxation and it will boost up your mood. Coffee peeling has a very
stimulating and energizing effect on the skin and our body. Coffee scrub, coffee mask with the addition of ground 100% bio seeds, massage with essential oil.

AMBER RITUAL: 100 min. PLN 250

The entire ritual is based 100% on natural products with the addition of Baltic Amber. Powdered amber added to the peeling will make your skin silky smooth for a long time, nourished and free of toxins. The gold particles contained in the mask and oil brighten and nourish the skin. Amber is also famous for its many pro-therapeutic properties. It works antibacterial, fastens healing, and also lowers blood pressure, calms and activates the body to fight against diseases and it allows you to regenerate.
Amber scrub with the addition of gold particles, amber mask with the addition of gold particles, massage with amber oil with the addition of gold particles.


60 min- 160 PLN

Free consultation with our Spa-Therapist//Physiotherapist

  • Manual therapy
  • Therapy of trigger points
  • Myofascial therapy
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Neuromobilization
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Medical massage
  • Clavitherapy
  • Acupuncture

Dysfunctions that we treat:

  • spinal problems – discopathy, hernia, scoliosis, neuralgia,
  • problem with peripheral joints – golfer’s and tennisist player elbow,​ carpal tunnel syndrome​, Sudeck’s, DeCurvein’s syndrome, painful shoulder syndrome, frozen shoulder, condition after sprains and sprains and
    stretches, shoulder pain, problems with numbness of upper limbs and hands, upper limb pain at night , sciatica, ​femoral neuralgia​, hip problems, hip pain and its degeneration, jumper’s knee, runner’s knee, tightness of the fascial compartments of the shin fascia, flatfoot, paroneal nerve palsy,
  • scar therapy
  • lymphatic massage against swallowing with elements of acupuncture



Massage with vitamin ampoules. Nourishing and relaxing treatment.
50 min 120 PLN


Cosmetic are selected during the treatment, accordingly for your skin type.
The aim is that your skin is moisturized and you are feeling relaxed and calm.
60 min 140 PLN

Cavitation/​ ​Sonophresis / Algae Mask

Cavitation peeling is a non-invasive cleansing treatment, using ultrasonic technology. During the treatment you will get rid of excess sebum from the pores and hair follicles. Ultrasounds are also used during sonophoresis. Thanks to them the vitamins and other active ingredients can reach deep into the skin.
60 min 120 PLN


Soothing treatment for sensitive skin The aim of the treatment is to relieve skin irritations (including sunburn), moisturize and delicate the skin tension. We are using a large spectrum of brown algae. Sonophoresis is performed during the procedure (ultrasound allows vitamins and active ingredients to sink into the skin). You will receive a massage of your face, neck and neckline and at the end of the treatment soothing gel mask and an algae mask as part of this routine. The duration of the treatment is one and a half hours long. Active ingredients that are used: brown algae, d-anthenol, avocado oil, collagen, elastin, allantoin, soy proteins, St. John’s wort, white willow, aloe vera.
90 min. PLN 200

“Fountain Of Youth”

intensive treatment smoothing the first wrinkles

Recommended before important and special events for all skin types. The main active ingredient of this treatment is pseudobotulin, which affects the nerve endings of the skin, causing relaxation of muscle tension, thereby reducing facial wrinkles. We perform a classic face, neck and neckline
massage. At the end you will recieve an algae mask with blackcurrant. The duration of the treatment is 1.5 hours long. Active ingredients: pseudobotulin dipeptide, wheat germ, brown algae, vitamin C, rutin, diatomaceous earth, chlorophyll, curly filament.
90 min 230 PLN


rejuvenating treatment with phytoestrogens. For people around 50 years old.

Especially recommended for those who have dry skin, prone to sun discoloration or blood vessels dilated as a result of hormonal changes. During the procedure, in order to exfoliate the startum corneum (upper skin layer), an exfoliating mask or a sapphire peeling is used. Then a classic face, neck and neckline massage is performed, using a regenerating concentrate with 4% of Vitamin E. The treatment is finished with a rejuvenating algae and papaya mask. The duration of the treatment is 1.5 hour. Active ingredients: phytohormones, wild jam, biotin, vitamin E, almond oil, macadamia oil, vitamin C, allantoin, d-panthenol, Shea butter, urea, chlorophyll.
90 minutes 250 pln

Hands and feet treatments:

  1. “​Beautiful Hands” (manicure with nail polish, peeling, mask and hand massage) 1,5 hour 100 pln 
  2. “Beautiful Feet” (pedicure with nail polish, peeling, mask and Feet massage) Duration of the treatment : 2 hours, Price: 130 pln 
  3. Natural manicure without nail polish – 40 minutes 60 pln
  4. Manicure with nail polish – 60 minutes 70 pln
  5. Japanease manicure – 60 minutes 70 pln
  6. Hybrid manicure – 1,5 hour 100 pln
  7. Natural pedicure without nail polish – 1 hour 80 pln
  8. ​Pedicure with nail polish – 1,5 hour 100 pln
  9. ​Hybrid pedicure – around 2 hours 120 pln


  1. With Eyebrows regulation – 30 minutes 30 pln
  2. Eyelashes – 30 minutes 20 pln
  3. Full package (eyelashes and eyebrows with regulation) 40min 40 pln
  4. Eyebrows regulation without henna – 15 minutes 20 pln

Waxing with LYCON resin, very precise and without irritation

–  nose, upper lip, beard 15 minutes 25 pl
full face 30 minutes 70 pln
armpits 30 minutes 50 pln
bikini 30 minutes 60 pln
brasilian bikini 60 minutes 120 pln

Waxing with strips

lower-arms/ arms 30 minutes 40 pln
full arms 60 minutes 80 pln
Calfs/Thighs 30 minutes 50 pln
Full legs 60 minutes 100 pln


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